The Hundredth Monkey Radio/Crystal Clark & James Horak

Interview with Tom and Ramon on Febuary 12, 2013

Since we have started this show we have met some people who have really “gotten it”. Crystal is one of those people. Ramon, Crystal and I have spoken about what we can do to help with the growth and education of all of you who are taking the steps to learn who and what we are and how we can actively work to create a future that brings back the true nature of our being.

We are starting a series of interviews with Crystal that we hope will help to do just that.
What is the Sacred Science?
What is the One Law?
How can we consciously take an active role in the changes happening on our world?
Who are we really?
These questions and many more will be addressed in this series of interviews.

This was another excellent show with Tom & Ramon and included the following topics:

  • Are we living on a prison planet?
  • Are we stuck reincarnating on the same planet over and over?
  • Where does the soul go upon death?
  • Time doesn’t mean what we think it does.
  • Helium’s role in natural longevity.
  • The perfectibility of the soul.
  • Split Consciousness affects our ability to remember past lives.
  • The soul retains individuality while sharing in collective memories.
  • A deeper look at Gandhi’s methods of dissent.
  • Humans are not animals regardless of what Hollywood says.
  • Beyond guns—the long-term outlook of depopulation.
  • Who is driving the bus, and how do we turn it around?
  • Knowledge without action is worthless.
  • Derelicts are deciding who lives and who dies.
  • Wealth is not equal to intelligence.
  • How can a “spiritual” person look the other way?
  • The history of opium wars and communism.
  • The illusion of progress.
  • Confusing Agenda 21 with a transition to a vegetarian diet.
  • Another N.W.O lie: no such thing as “junk” DNA—only potentials capable of expressing for viability.
  • The Vatican and the Doctrine of Infallibility.
  • The indulgence of pedophile priests: the Vatican has never policed itself
  • Roman History: Plebeians versus Patricians

Crystals websites: TheSolSociety and Drowninginabsurdity

Click here to go to the interview on The Hundredth Monkey Radio:
The Hundredth Monkey Radio/Crystal Clark & James Horak

10 comments on “The Hundredth Monkey Radio/Crystal Clark & James Horak

  1. A star is a structured mass begun a fusion process and controlled to stability by an hydrogen/helium exchange. It becomes unstable when the exchange is unbalanced otherwise it can maintain a near constant energy level indefinitely.
    The presence of planets require the management of EMVs for this star to
    perform safely by their farming of its energy. Otherwise the fusion is too unpredictable for complex life to have much duration.

  2. James are Shamballah & Agharta real cities/civilazations within the earth?? if so who inhabits them. i've read stories of beings called/named Dunnakial,duwanni,deros & teros….could you please tell me what you know of any or all of these races of beings….Also i've seen these supposed “meterors” over russia,cuba & the us…what is going on with this. is it terrestial weapon testing by tptw or something truly from outer space?

  3. Yes, they are being weaponized. Tests are ongoing to draw their trajectory closer into proximity with earth. The monsters cannot ignore any opportuity for a weapon or catastrophe. JCH

  4. People live below the crust, driven there centuries ago to escape persecutions for their differences. No large number, but well adapted to their condition. You last question is addressed in my reply above this one. JCH

  5. James what do you make of the “superpod” of over 100,000 dolphins off the coast of san diego last week.Were they fleeing something or just part of a natural migration?. I know that dolphins & elephants have emotional intelligence and intellect on par or surpassing most humans.also what do you think of sean david morton & his blog. I ran across it & he was saying there were landings in like 6 or 8 cities(San Diego,Bloomington,Hoboken, Manchester, New Delhi, Baghdad, Melbourne,Cape Town).What say you about this? I feel you are a barometer of truth out here & would like your opinion & input.Thank you so much.

  6. So many attributes of “intelligence” exist among several species throughout planets and their systems in the universe. Most that grant sentience to these other species do so on the basis that they simply like their company better than that of their own. Understandable in many respects. Anthropologists often debate the margins set between mankind and others of the animal kingdom not observed to have sentience. But then it all amounts to what requirements we make of sentience. The wisdom of pods, flights of geese, elephant groupings, wolf packs, etc. are evident of such supremely intelligent behavioral patterns that, as a group leave little to sentience.
    But then the creative and inventive virtues of sentience and the way they are associated with people are beyond the acquired learning habits of others of the animal kingdom. The full potential is just simply hardly realized on earth at this time.
    Landings have been apparent all along to those free of psychic blocking due to “socializing” and split consciousness. There are simply more of those today who are more forthcoming, as well, with the advent of the cell phone/camera. JCH

  7. hey again james! well! who would've thought we'd still be here in the 3rd full week of feb. 2013-and still knowing little or nothing! i'm amazed,confused,annoyed,not amused! well,if only half of what you've said is true,why i'd sure like to see that for myself,gosh,what can poor dumbed-down humanity do…except survive,
    right to the bitter end…ugh! sorry,sorry-seems like patience is the one thing i'll just never have time to learn here….forgive me if i missed something you've said about the 'greys' asociated with nancy lieder-i still don't know any aliens as such-but i'm more than sure they're out there-i wish they'd lose their shyness and i would invite them to voice their opinions if they aren't free to exert their will on this planet-in-turmoil,this planet of the apes so to speak…..can't wait to hear you on another radio show-and i hope you get some intelligent,pointed questions! thanks for all your patience!


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